Lids for spas and hot tubs are very important. Because lids are made with foam core, they become waterlogged. When this happens, bacteria and mould start to form. It then begins to drip from the lid back into your water, thus throwing your chemical levels out of whack. 90% of all services calls I go on, the customer’s lids are heavy. Because all this extra mould and bacteria is in the water, your spa or hot tub is always calling for bromine or chlorine. When you use more sanitizer than you need to, it starts to corrode your hot tub pumps, lines, surface and your health! So if your lid is heavy or waterlogged, get a new one. You’ll save money in the long run. Lids last about 5 years. I charge $550 for new lids. I come measure it and deliver it!


Do you have skin reactions when using a hot tub or spa? If you do you’re probably having allergic reactions to either your chlorine or bromine sanitizers. I carry a natural enzyme product that cuts your chemical use in half. Don’t hesitate to call me about any questions on lids or chemicals.

We love our customers so much we now offer FREE chemical and supply delivery!!


Chlorine pucks2 kg$39.80
Chlorine powder700 g$15.80
Bromine pucks750 g$22.60
Bromic pucks1.5 kg$41.80
Bromine powder800 g$25.70
Natural Enzyme Products  
SpaPerfect (2 month supply)1 Litre$22.30
SpaPerfect (4 month supply)2 Litres$36.00
Shock950 g$19.40
ph up950 g$7.50
ph down950 g$7.50
Alkalinity up500 g$6.00
Muriatic Acid (brings alkalinity down)1 Litre$7.00
Calcium hardness500 g $6.00
Stain & Scale500 g$12.00
Foam Away500 mL$12.00
Clarifier500 mL$9.80
Fix a leak500 mL$9.10
Hot tub flush cleaner500 mL$9.10
Test strips (chlorine)50$11.70
Test strips (bromine)50$12.70
Floating dispenser $16.00
25 sq foot – (size: 4 1516" x 13 516" x 2 18") $25.00
50 sq foot – (size: 4 1516" x 13 516" x 2 18") $38.90
* call for prices on special filters


Any further questions call Bernie 780.991.3804 (24hrs)

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