When buying a used hot tub or spa, make sure the tub is running and full of water. If the used spa was frozen this can lead to large repair bills. For $75 I can check out and test any spa.

What to look for in a Hot Tub or Spa?
Being in the industry for 20+ years I have seen and serviced many makes of hot tubs and spas. I know the good and bad points on all the different makes and models of spas. Here are some tips on what to look for.

  • Full foam hot tubs or spas – I would stay away from these types of hot tubs. These tubs are made with the manufacturers spraying the entire cabinet with light, fluffy foam. There are two issues with this design.
    • If the tub develops leaks it is very hard to locate and can be expensive to fix.
    • Mice, rodents, wasps, bees, etc. love these tubs. They are hard to get rid of because you can’t
      locate the nests.
  • Hot tubs or spas sprayed on shell – These spas are insulated with dense, hard foam on shell and around plumbing about 6” thick. I like this design. The pests are not a problem with these spas, leaks are way easier to locate, and heating costs the same as full foam.
  • Hot tubs or spas sprayed on cabinet – These spas are insulated with dense, hard foam on the inside walls of the spa cabinet. I also like this design. Leaks are very easy to fix, but because the plumbing has no foam on it, there is a possibility you will get more leaks. Again, pests are not a problem with these spas.


Installation of hot tubs or spas should be on a solid foundation. Do NOT install hot tubs on any sort of patio blocks. Any shifting or sinking of block can result in stress cracks on your hot tub or spa. Even a concrete pad can crack causing a sinking of concrete slabs. I make and install 4”x4” pressure treated pads. These pads need no ground prep work. Just drop, level and lay the spa on top. These pads allow airing and breathing under the spa, thus not allowing moulding or rotting. These bases or pads do not bend and thus keep the spa on a flat, even surface.


Base or pads custom-made to the size of the spa – Supply only:$350 ; supply & installed:$400

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